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About Asheville PowerShopper® Magazine

The Power of Local Advertising

PowerShopper® Magazine was developed to help businesses reach local consumers with an incentive to use their business. Our goal is to 1) keep your business fresh in the mind of consumers and 2) directly deliver your incentive to the consumer. We accomplish this by sending out PowerShopper® Magazine directly to the door of as many as 80,000 Homes - Approximately 190,000 Consumers five times each year. Our publication is only printed on the finest high gloss paper available which consumers typically keep on hand until the next issue arrives.

PowerShopper® will put a fresh face on your business every 10-11 weeks and deliver an incentive to use your business directly to your potential customers!

About Us

PowerShopper®, LLC. is a Veteran Owned Company

PowerShopper® is a registered trademark of PowerShopper, LLC.

PowerShopper® - The #1 Choice in Local Advertising!

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